Kitty rescue

I didn’t know how much I loved cats until today.

It was raining real hard and there was freakishly loud thunder. The outside of our house started to accumulate water because the drainage nearest us was clogged with some Styrofoam.

I wasn’t scared until I heard the kittens crying real loud despite the deafening thunder. I looked for them.

They weren’t where they were supposed to be. I got alarmed then.

So, I started looking around.

I found them under the car and almost drowning because the land under the car isn’t elevated properly. It was a little sunken.

The water under the car wasn’t that deep but it was enough to nearly drown the kittens. I rushed to the house to get an umbrella and went to the car.

I couldn’t reach them because they were at the center part and because I have short arms. I went back to the house and got a stick Lala gave me to use.

I got soaking wet; the umbrella was no help at all because the rain was that strong. Eventually, I got hold of the kittens and took them back home.

I ran to the shower right after that because the water was so nasty. It smelled like sewage.

The kittens are safe now.  🙂

My Lala and I are upset at the mother cat for putting the kittens there in the first place. They were perfectly safe right outside of our house.

This kitty really amuses me. So photogenic.

Hello, kitties! Glad to see you’re ok now. 🙂

Big brother got jealous that I was playing with the kitties and not him.

This little fella was sleepy, like reeeeaaaaaaally sleepy. So cute!

They’re infinitely adorable. I can’t get over them!


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