Kitties galore

The cat that lives outside of our house gave birth to five adorable kittens around three weeks ago. However, there are only two left now. I don’t know what happened to the other three.

Anyways, I’m a cat person. I’ve always been one since I was very young. That doesn’t mean I don’t like dogs. I like dogs.I just didn’t grow up with them but I find them fun and extremely adorable as well.

So these are the two kitties that were left.


Hello kitties!

I was just blown away by their cuteness even when they walk.

This is their big brother. Around 5 months older than the kitties are. He came to check on his siblings.

You can tell that this one’s photogenic.


Totally pa-cute.

Big brother’s worried. Wondering what his baby brothers or sisters are doing.

Yeah, I haven’t checked on the genders yet. Sorry.

They’re too adorable. I can’t even.

Mkay, we have to leave them now. They need to drink their milk so they can grow up and be strong cats. I don’t know if that sounded right.



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