Start it right

It has officially started!

I can’t even begin to explain how much fun it’s going to be.

It’s only the first day and I’ve already accomplished two things on my Sembreak list. I was too excited that I began celebrating right after my exams were done.

I had four exams yesterday and one of them was my accounting major subject. Accounting exam was totally mindboggling. It was so hard, that’s what she said.

Plus, I didn’t get proper sleep prior to those exams. Oh and I was awake for 32 hours until I passed out at around 2AM today. It was crazy.

Mkay, so after all of my exams, first thing I did was celebrate with three of my accounting lovies. There were supposed to five of us but Noresa had to go home.

We went to Chocolate Spoon.

And had a big bowl of The Ultimate Big Boob, I mean, Ultimate Big Bob. Sorry.It was six big scoops of ice cream plus other fruits.

We pretty much had a photography session before we actually ate it.

Went to Conti’s after that and had a plate of my favorite Pasta Allegria.

Went to Cable Car and watched people play beer pong

Saw a lot of awesome people. There was even this one girl from one of the old PBB Teen Edition seasons. I didn’t know her name. People just pointer her out.

Went to Kyss after. It’s this nice restaurant and lounge bar that got turned into a fun club because of my best friend’s friend’s event. It was my first time there.There was an open bar as well, from 9PM to around 12 or 1AM. They were mostly serving Rum Coke and Sprite Vodka.

The night was crazy. It was so much fun. People started dancing on top of platforms and whatnot.Oh and that’s my new friend, Mike. We met him that night. He’s so cool. He’s a very chill person and funny too.

I can’t narrate everything that happened so I’ll just sum it up to the levels of this:

Here are examples: And that’s my bro, Benz. The most party animal best friend I have. His kidneys are made of steel. It takes a very long time before he actually gets drunk.

Oh, and the free shots they gave out were so bad. It tasted like listerine. I think the shots were called Orgy. It was crazy.

We all passed out by 2AM. I came home at around 4PM this afternoon.

Not bad for an End Of The Semester Celebration, huh? 🙂


One thought on “Start it right

  1. i think i know that shot. it’s orgy a bubblegum lambanog? i don’t like the taste either. anyway that was a funny picture of benz and i can pretty much say it was a fun day haha 😀

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