OH NAZ’s Teach Me How To Panda

OH NAZ accessories are my absolute fave. Not only is it extremely creative, it is also infinitely unique. I’m a person who doesn’t like having what the majority has and Naz’s accessories helps me stand out even more with her awesome products.  I always make sure I have her latest accessories. 😀

Moving on..

Naz launched her Teach Me How To Panda Collection about a month or so ago and I got three panda rings for my girlfriends and I. Plus, a panda usb flash drive cover which is super adorable!

Friendship rings! 😀

It’s so adorable, isn’t it?

Everyone who sees us wearing this always ask where we got them. Even as a ring, it completely stands out.

This one’s Noresa’s

This one is for Venus

And this is mine 🙂

Not only does she make panda rings, she makes USB flash drive covers as well. Here’s the one I bought from her.

Cute right? 🙂

She has a lot of designs that you can completely go gaga for.

Click here to see her Teach Me How To Panda Collection. Unfortunately, she just recently said that she has stopped making panda rings.

Not to worry though because she has more collections to come! SO just be updated with her Facebook page for any new collection 😀 It’s something you wouldn’t want to miss out on. Promise!


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