Here comes the new kid

Yes, I’ve officially moved to WordPress!

I’m still keeping all my other blog accounts though such as my Tumblr and Blogger account. However, I won’t be as active there as I will be here.

I love Tumblr because it is where I can find awesome things and reblog them as I wish. However, I wanted something more personal, something more serious, something more… original and that’s how I came to find WordPress. Actually, I googled for the best blog platform and Google said that

WordPress is number one.

Although Tumblr is a great blog site and there is a greater population, I still wanted something more. Soooo, I made a WordPress account. 🙂

I want WordPress to be  my official personal blog where I can talk about

Anything and Everything.

I’ve not yet familiarized myself with the proper ways of blogging like how the pros do it but I’m pretty sure I’ll learn as I go along. I’m actually pretty excited about it! 😀 I will be sharing what I’ve recently learned about blogging and how WordPress has been a great help but I’m gonna save that for another post. Wow, look at me go! 😀

Actually, I’ve been wanting to create my own personal blog for a very long time already but I’ve never had the time/energy/inspiration/determination which I’m proud to say is now long gone. I owe that all to:

Ate Honey Andrade

and Alexis Valenzona Badenhop

Their blogs are full of wonderful and amazing things that completely encouraged and inspired me to have a personal blog as amazing as theirs. In truth, none of them know that I just did this haha, but they both know much I love their blogs and stalk  read every post that they make the second they publish it if I’m online. Their blogs are like a wonderland to me. I just can’t explain the excitement. MAKE SURE YOU FOLLOW THEIR BLOGS AND JIZZ IN YOUR PANTS FROM THE OVERFLOWING AWESOMENESS!

Moving on…

I’m an extremely lazy person and I’ve read and heard that blogging takes a lot of effort sooooooo I hope that this will help me overcome that. 😀 I’m super excited about this!

I’m still working on the other parts of this blog so don’t expect so much yet. I still have so much to learn about blogging which I’m also very excited for. Also, I’m working on making my mark in the blogosphere where with only one look you will know it’s mine. The higher goals you set, the greater things you can accomplish, right?

So yeah… Wish me luck on this new adventure of mine! 😀


4 thoughts on “Here comes the new kid

  1. You’re so cute Celine!! Hahaha! Thank you for always visiting my blog!!! I’m excited for you! Next nyan, you’ll learn about how to customize the design of your blog.. Have fun! 🙂

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